The values that make Blue Mountain Clinic unique work to support an equitable and just community, and we couldn’t have done it alone.Thank you to those who helped ensure access to fully integrated care that empowers every person to be in control of their healthcare choices.

Anonymous Foundation

Anchor Point Gift Fund

Dr. Lindsay Richards and Dr. Tom Roberts

Tracey Foundation

Sue and John Talbot

Caroline & Willis Kurtz

Douglas Webber and Nancy Winslow

Martha Newell and Mike Kadas


First Security Bank of Missoula

Terry Payne

Ande Clark

Jeff Ament

Katie Veazey

Pew Construction

Betty Miller
Dr. Deborah Erdman MD
Julie and Phil Gardner
Lilli Rey
Lizzi Juda
Martin Zabaleta and Susan MacGrath
Missoula Federal Credit Union
Megan Dishong and Ross Keogh
Alan and Susan Newell
Anonymous Cash Donations
Blackfoot Communications
Dagmar Dolby
Darci Thorsrud and Lane Coddington
Deb Poteet and Lara Dorman
Gavin-Hanks Architectural Studio
John Scibeck
Martha Newell and Mike Kadas
Pam Volkmann
Steve and Nancy Rieck
Tara Health Foundation
Rachek Sehestedt and Scott Olsen
Bill Woody and Karissa Rebeck
Helena MaClay
Jerry Metcalf Foundation
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Don and Charla Murray
Andrew and Jenny Parker
C. Paul and Elizabeth Loehnen
Dr. Janice Givler
Dr. Jennifer Mayo
Nonie Greene
Olivia Gordon
The Schaub Foundation
Wagon Mountain
Carol Miller
Andy and Melanie Puckett
Gayle Morrison
Joey & David Banks
Lee Metzgar and Cate Campbell
Nancy and Alan Nicholson
The Elaine and Vincent Bell Foundation
John Squillante
Janet McMillan and Land Lindbergh
Anna Martello
Anne M. Murphy
Beth Brennan
Craig Rowland and Kathryn Borgenicht M.D.
Dale Woolhiser and Nancy Thompson
Dave and Minette Glaser
David and Heidi Kendall
Donald and Carol Roberts
Dr. Eric Ravitz and Dr. Kimberly Blakeslee
Elizabeth and Lynn Kaeding
Elizabeth Wakemen Henderson Charitable Foundation
Frank Sheehy
Hunter Family Foundation
Jack and Patricia Cohen
Leslie Hume
Michael and Catherine Podell Fund
Pat and Carol Williams
Patricia J Simpson
Pierce Family Charitable Trust
Sally Mueller and Richard Opper
Stacey and Ed Tompkins
Wayne Chamberlain and Betsy Grimley
Wendy and Fletcher Brown
Susan Wilson
Greg Lind
Nancy Brown
Jaime and Christopher Ward
Jim Wheelis
Preeva Tramiel
Pamela Kloote
Andrew and Stacy Hunt
Andy and Susan Dana
Anette and Marc Loupe
Brian and Karen Sippy
Cherie and Jerry Garcelon
David and Paulette Kessler
Emily Greenwald
Frank Reed and Marilyn Simpson
Helen Zimmerman
Joan Fleck and Brent Nokleby
John Morrison
Jonathan Qualben
Judith Williams
Judy Frey and Russ Read
Margaret Tonon
Marion Rosa
Marjory Redmond
Phil Hamilton and Janet Whaley
Ryan Snyder and Leigh Griffing
Stephanie Christiansen
Susan Hyatt
Valeri Saffer and Ned Vasquez
Wendy Ninteman
Whitney Williams
Steve Curtis
Kristin Rieck
Beverly Young and Tom Javins
Denalie Bruins
Karea Davidson
Laura and Scott Bovard
Bill and Jean Mullette-Bauer
Hank & Carol Fischer
Lydia Miner
Marcia Holland
Betsy Mulligan-Dague and Rusty Dague
Carol and Michael Smith
Carol Borgquist
Douglas Hartnett and Mary O’Rourke
Eva Patten
Isabel Sam-Vargas
Jane Cowley
Jennifer DiBrienza and Jesse Dorogusker
Julie and Thomas Fogarty
Laurie and Edward Stalling
Louise & Michael Flanagan
Mark Mathes and Nicholas Cooper
Michael and Lorena Hillis
Mike and Rachael Morawski
Wendy Calvert and James Sayer
Ana Maria Aronofsky
Beth Ammons
Caroline Byrd
David Weinstock
Deborah and Roger Austin
Donald and Suzanne Glaser
Dorothy Irvine
Glenn Heyman
Grace Lacy
Grant and Becks Kier
Heather Harp and Jeremy Keene
Heidi Fanslow
Judith and Donald Kiely
June Lederer
Karin Jennings
Kelly and Nathan Hecht
Laura Fedro
Linda Carlson
Lisa Chambers
Margo Sturgis
Sherry and Ken Morrison

Susan and Thomas Orr

Tom Deveny

Tracy O’Reilly

Tracy Sherick

Rachel Vielleux

Dean and Sharon Yould

Diane Laporte

Edwin and Maura Fields

Ginger Pils

Lar Autio and Susan Ridgeway

Laura Henning

Louisa Phinney Carter and Frank Carter

Richard and Lillian Lund

Steve & Colette Kirchhoff

John and Carol Russell

Donna Wagner

John and Monica Thompson

Ann Ross

Anne and Jon Bertsche

Anne Arrington

Anonymous Cash Donations

Arlene Braun

Beth Lo

Bill & Sarah Dakin

Brenda Desmond

Carol Kulish and Bill Cone

Carolyn Clemens

Cathy Weber

Charlie and Alison Charman

Charlotte Beatty

Cherly Loberg

CL Holt

Claire Stewart

Courtnay Duchin

Daniel Gallacher

Dann and Lisa Swallow

David Hadden

Deborah Tomas

Deidre and Tim Corson

Dorothy Bradley

Edward & Patricia Childers

Elizabeth Hutcheon

Ellestad, June

Emily Dillow

Eric and Donna Mendelson

Ethel L. Byrnes

Gwen Jones

Hal Stanley

Ian and Jo-Ann Lange

Indigo Scott

Jamie Toriano

Janet Ellis

Jay and Elizabeth Preston

Jeanne Ensign

Jessica Lahr

Jim Parker

Joan and Clifford Montagne

John and Linda Torma

John Engen

John Garrity and Jean Thorstenson

Jon & Karen Driessen

Joseph Ugorowski

Judith and Benjamin Bledsoe

Judith Hutchins

Julia Neaves

Julia Page

Juniper Davis

Karen Ferguson

Kay Unger

Kristin Chester Vance

Lifeline Produce

Linda Leslie

Lisa Eby

Lois Welch

Lynn and Gary Willstein

Marcy Allen

Mary and Hal Jacobson

Mike and Jo Jakupcak



Mike Helling

Mildred and Frederick Tossberg

Moore, Mark

Norah and Norman Stone

Pamella Anderson

Patrick Severance and Amy Taubeneck Severance

Robert Fleming

Ronald and Nancy Erickson

Russlyn Leivestad

Sam and Melody Oliver

Sarah Toubman and Cedron Jones

Scott Powell and Sara Rushing

Steve and Betty Wing

Steve and Colette Kirchhoff

Sustainable Building Design

Tim Speyer

Toby Morris and Camber Strom

Tom Crawford and Gayle Burchfield

Toni Johnson

Victoria Saab

Will and Coco Ballew

William & Margaret Crawford

Barbara Morgan

Stephen Egli

Kathryn Jelenick

Alysha Jannotta

Barbara Cestero

Stephen & Leslie Guerreri

Tamara McGinley and Timothy Schehl

Katie Deuel

Axis Physical Therapy

Jonathan Neff

Kathleen Poody McLaughlin & T. Joseph Regan

Stephen Schombel

Alan and Louann Eliason

Amy Mannix

Anonymous Cash Donations

Bill and Sarah Dakin

Brett Addis

Brian and Marie Lehrwyn

C B Stalnaker

Candice Neaves

Carl and Nancy Graves

Charlotta Eaton

Colin Sorenson and Sandra Cano

Dane Elwood

Devin Dahl

Dolly and David Browder

Dr. Anne Hamilton

Gay Rushmer

Ginny and Jack Stelling

Harriet Frazey Ranney

Jennifer Tollefson

Joan Kampa and Charlie Vandam

Joe Randall

Karen Shores

Kathryn Griffing

Katie Dubosque

Keith and Wendy Kuhn

Kellie Carim

Kris and Roberta Nord

Leeza Cameron

Linda Leslie

Lois Doubleday

Mary Rial

Maureen Frosting

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rooney

Nancy Marmont

Nicole Madsen

Patricia Ann Rosa

Regan Whitworth and Nancy Fitch



Ryan and Jenny Montgomery

Sara Stahl

Senae Nielsen

Terry and Germaine Conrad

Tim and Sara Stahl

Vicki Watson

Virginia and Jack Stelling

Walter & Georgiana Graf

Wayne and Helen Hedman

William Towle

George and Geraldine Miks

Ann McDowell

Anonymous Cash Donations

Barbara Riley

Katharine Sampson

Kenneth Turan

Linda Raye

Marilyn Malina

Marler, Marilyn

Amber Boyce

Anne Garde

Ashley Pledge

Donald Wilson

Jeff Smith and Barbara Holmes-Smith

Jonathan and Lorna Motl

Regina Wandler

Ali Kelly

Amanda Darling

Austin and Suzanne Worden

Bethanie & Marcel Walder

Carol Murray

Casea Joyce Smith

Chris Heaton

Emily Kodama

Gretchen Boyer

Harriet Alterowitz

Jennifer Savage

John & Debbie Svaldi

Julie Wheeler Lennox

K Jane Phillips

Leigh Greenwood

Leslie DiMaio

Mary Ellen Navratil

Mike and Amy Mahns

Mr and Mrs Lance Heaton

Peter and Jan Metzmake

Priscilla and Richard Dysart

Rachael Burks

Scott Samuels & Dara Newman

Steven Bracken and Nyla Chandler

Trinda and Jon Rieck

Kristin Anderson

Cheryl Kikkert

Ase Carlson

Betsy and Jeffrey Cincoski

Darin Austin

Robert D Oset and Kathleen F Moody

Stephanie Lauer

Tom and Stephanie Harding

Brittany DeVries

Robert Oset and Kathleen Moody

Deidre and Tim Corson

Kalin Andrews

Kate Mrgudic

Laurel A Hesse

Emma Wimmer

Shiva-Nandan Arens

Tara Westlie

Viccie Harbour

Lynn and ElizA