On March 29th, 1993, Blue Mountain Clinic was firebombed and destroyed by an anti-choice arsonist, Richard Andrews, in a violent attempt to stop the clinic from providing legal access to abortion care. Fortunately, no one was harmed.  Without hesitation, our advocates and supporters responded with a call to rebuild. As our community came together in solidarity, we realized that our resilience in the face of adversity is truly a reflection of strong community support.  In September of 1995, the Clinic reopened in our current location on California Street.

Twenty-six years later, we called upon our community not out of disaster due to ignorance and hatred but rather out of the abundance of love.  Again, without hesitation, you answered the call.  Together we RAISED THE ROOF!  With the help of over 600 individuals and private foundations, we met our goal of $1,270,000.  This enabled us to expand our current space and reconfigure our main level to accommodate for 3 new exam rooms as well as expand our in-house lab and waiting area.

We reopened our doors to patients on January 14th and couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  Patients are thrilled with the new layout as well as our freshly painted walls and new flooring.  In addition, after several months of not being able to take on new patients, we are finally accepting applications from those wishing to establish care with us. It feels so good to again be meeting the very core of our mission;

Access to healthcare.