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Welcome to Blue Mountain Clinic!

Our focus is to render the highest-quality healthcare for individuals and families. Our staff is an interdisciplinary team of professionals constantly striving to learn and work diligently to ensure all your healthcare needs are met. Your care will be a collaborative effort, always flexible and focused on patient priorities.

Blue Mountain Clinic is committed to providing compassionate, high-quality, and equitable healthcare to all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, history, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, appearance and body size, and all other characteristics that make you, you. We acknowledge that all oppression is linked, and that none of us live single-issue lives. We respect and appreciate that all individuals bring different backgrounds, experiences, needs, desires, and perspectives, and we aim to meet everyone exactly where they are.

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Our Services

Abortion services are available at Blue Mountain Clinic. If you would like to discuss your options or schedule, please call 406.721.1646 and we will be happy to help.

Same Day Services

Sick Visits

Same-day and next-day sick visits are available to our patients by appointment—please call us to schedule! Due to ongoing public health concerns, we may not be able to see all patients with COVID-19 or flu symptoms in clinic, however we may have telehealth appointments available.

The Emergency Room is for life-threatening emergencies. Examples of an emergency are severe chest pain, unconsciousness, severe shortness of breath, and swelling and pain in one or both legs.

“Come On Down”

Our “come on down” schedule is a flexible way to come in to the clinic for labs your clinician has requested, vaccines or injections, and various other quick checks our medical assistant team can do. The hours for this schedule are Monday-Friday 8:30-12, and Monday-Thursday 2-4. Please call ahead to ensure we have available staffing.

Note: We do not accept walk-ins for blood draws that have not been ordered by your Blue Mountain Clinic clinician. We do not accept orders from other clinics for blood draws—we are not a full lab, and your specialists should be ordering labs at one of the hospitals.

STI Screening

We are pleased to offer STI screening to anyone in the community, regardless of patient status. We encourage people to call ahead to schedule, and we are often able to see you the same day.

Birth Control

We are pleased to offer same-day birth control consultations and IUD and Nexplanon insertions to anyone in the community, regardless of patient status. Please call to secure an appointment!

Note: We also offer Emergency Contraception (Plan B) and condoms in our clinic free of charge. Call or stop by to pick them up!

Clinic Policies:

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  • Financial Policy
  • Cancellation and No-Show Policy
  • Prescriptions
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    • Controlled Substances
  • Completion of Forms
  • Medical Records
  • Patient Portal

Notice of Privacy Practices

  • HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

No Surprises Act: Good Faith Estimate

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