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About Us

Blue Mountain Clinic (BMC) is a mission-driven 501(c)3 non-profit which has provided essential healthcare services to the Missoula community and surrounding region since 1977. The services we provide include full-scope family medicine, sexual and reproductive healthcare including contraception and abortion, gender affirming care, and mental health counseling.

We believe that access to high-quality comprehensive healthcare is a fundamental human right and should be accessible to all persons. We are therefore committed to advocate on behalf of our patients and for the rights of all Montanans, and we aim to influence policy decisions with evidence, lived experiences, and love.

Providing healthcare for the whole body, designed for every body.

Our Mission:

To provide comprehensive and evidence-based primary healthcare services in a compassionate and empowering environment to all persons who seek it. We are especially honored to provide abortion care services, gender-affirming care, and mental health care as essential and fully integrated components of primary health care.

Our Vision:

We strive for a future where all individuals can readily access compassionate and comprehensive primary healthcare within their communities without shame, judgment, or restriction.

Proudly serving Western Montana since 1977

Blue Mountain Clinic’s History

After abortion became legalized in 1973, a group of strong, feminist women realized the need for an abortion clinic in Missoula. In 1977, Blue Mountain Women’s Clinic opened its doors as the first and only clinic providing abortions in the state of Montana in a small office located on Front Street.

One year later it moved into a more suitable office on Kensington Avenue. By 1991, the community had spoken and BMC listened. Services migrated from strictly reproductive to offering care to the entire family. To reflect these changes, the name was changed to Blue Mountain Clinic.

On March 29, 1993 at approximately 4:00am, the clinic was firebombed and completely destroyed by an anti-choice arsonist in a violent attempt to stop the clinic from providing legal access to abortion care. It was later discovered that he was also responsible for setting clinics on fire throughout Idaho and Washington.

The arsonist destroyed the clinic. Fortunately, no one was harmed; and the Missoula community responded in an almost immediate call to rebuild. As our community came together with us in solidarity to rebuild, we realized that our resilience in the face of adversity is truly a reflection of strong community support.

After two and a half years of tears, sweat and generous support, the clinic was back on its feet in a new building specifically designed to withstand another attack. In September of 1995, the Clinic reopened in our current location on California Street.

Today, Blue Mountain Clinic continues to operate as the only independent, non-government funded primary and family medicine clinic in the United States that has fully integrated family medicine, mental health services, sexual health care, and gender-affirming care in our daily practice. We are not subsidized by any government or Title X funding.

Explore BMC’s Story

Abortion is legalized in the United States

On January 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade decriminalized abortion nationwide.

Articles of incorporation signed

Blue Mountain Women’s Clinic comes into existence as an independent abortion clinic.

Larger, downtown space in Missoula

After spending 1977 in a tiny downtown office, Blue Mountain Women’s Clinic moves to a larger space and expanded services to include annual exams.

BMWC creates the Access Fund

The Access Fund covers the cost of abortion services for people who cannot afford abortion care.

Prenatal and pediatric care options

BMWC begins offering prenatal and pediatric care, along with physicals.

BMWC expands services

Expanded services to include counseling and educational services on topics such as childbirth, PMS, and menopause. First year of BMWC’s annual All Women’s Run.

Clinic escort program begins

BMWC begins clinic escort program to protect patients when Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion group, begins picketing at the clinic.

Health care for the whole body, designed for every body

Blue Mountain Women’s Clinic becomes Blue Mountain Clinic Family Practice to reflect the breadth of services now offered.

Blue Mountain Clinic is firebombed

Blue Mountain Clinic is firebombed by an anti-abortion arsonist. The building was destroyed, but the Missoula community mobilized to support BMC’s staff and mission by volunteering temporary office space and helping to raise enough funds for the clinic to be rebuilt.

The clinic re-opens

Just two years later, Blue Mountain Clinic reopens in a new location with updated security and an even wider range of medical services.

MT Supreme court affirms the right to access abortion

MT Supreme Court affirms the right to procreative autonomy, including the right to access an abortion up to viability, with the Armstrong v. State decision. BMC is a plaintiff in the case, defended by the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR).

BMC expands services

BMC begins offering medication abortion.

Inagural Off the Rack: Condom Fashion Show fundraising event

Inaugural Off the Rack: Condom Fashion Show event, a fundraising fashion show designed to promote sexual wellness, combat stigma, and celebrate the expansiveness of gender.

Gender affirming care

BMC expands services to include gender affirming care.

BMC is voted ‘Best Health Clinic’

BMC is voted ‘Best Health Clinic’ and BMC’s Medical Director, Dr. Ravitz, is voted ‘Best Doctor’ for the 7th year in a row by the Missoula Independent’s ‘Best of Missoula’ awards.

BMC expands to add a second floor

“Raise the Roof” campaign funds the construction of a second floor, adding administrative offices and a conference room to the clinic.

BMC perseveres in the COVID-19 pandemic

The world comes to a screeching halt with the COVID-19 pandemic. BMC continues to provide both essential healthcare in-person and rapidly increased telehealth services. BMC offers vaccine clinic.

MT legislature passes four anti-abortion laws

MT legislature passes four anti-abortion laws. All laws are enjoined (not in effect) while the lawsuits play out.

Montanans successfully defeat LR 131

BMC convenes a coalition to oppose the country’s first state-level ‘born alive’ ballot referendum. Montanans defeated LR-131 by a 6-point margin.

BMC continues to protect abortion care and provide comprehensive services

BMC is a founding member of the MT Sexual & Reproductive Health Collective. BMC is a plaintiff in 3 lawsuits: one against the FDA to protect access to mifepristone and two against the State of MT to protect Medicaid coverage of abortion care and challenge government overreach for clinical licensure.

Today: Blue Mountain Clinic is honored to provide comprehensive family medicine services that have fully integrated abortion care and gender affirming care into our daily services.