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Insurance Assistance
  • Cover Montana – Cover Montana supports Montanans through the process of filling out insurance applications, including Montana Medicaid. You’ll be connected with a local enrollment assister who can answer questions and help you apply for and enroll in health insurance.
  • Montana Medicaid Application – You can apply for Medicaid and other reduced-cost health coverage through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.  You can apply online, by phone, or in person.
  • Plan First – Plan First is a Montana Medicaid Waiver that covers family planning services for eligible women. Some of the services covered include office visits, contraceptive supplies, laboratory services, and testing and treatment of STDs.
LGBTQ2S+ Advocacy & Community Resources
  • TransVisible Montana – A coalition of transgender, non-binary, and Two Spirit individuals and organizations throughout the state of Montana, TransVisible Montana provides workshops, leadership opportunities, education, and more to the people of Montana. 
  • Montana Two Spirit Society – The mission of the Montana Two Spirit Society is to advocate and educate the community about Two Spirit issues, histories and traditions. They promote health, wellness and spiritual well being by sharing traditions, healing past wounds, and learning new ways to combat disease.
  • Western Montana LGBTQ+ Community Center – The Center is an open and affirming environment for peoples of all sexual orientation and gender identity expressions. They empower our community through education, advocacy, and collaborative networking. They offer amenities such as the Queer Clothing Closet, Drop-In Space, and an Open Library alongside education programs, groups, and trainings.
  • Empower MT  – Empower MT supports, mobilizes, and engages LGBTQ+ youth and allies as leaders in tackling individual and institutional transphobia and homophobia in an effort to build safer schools and communities.
  • Montana Inclusive Providers Guide – Terminology guide and list of inclusive healthcare providers in Montana. Note: The information in this guide may be slightly outdated, please contact BMC with any specific questions about supportive providers in the area.
Gender Affirming Care
  • Trans Primary Care – Comprehensive guide for folks seeking gender affirming care and providers looking to educate themselves on the specifics of providing gender affirming care.
  • Get the Facts on Gender Affirming Care – The Human Rights Campaign created a helpful FAQ page to answer commonly asked questions about gender affirming care. This resource offers thoughtful, medically accurate answers to questions like, “What does it mean for someone to transition?” and “Are puberty blockers safe?”. 
  • Getting Your Healthcare Covered: A Guide for Transgender People – The most important thing to remember is that your insurance should cover transition-related care. However, you may need to show your insurance company why the treatment you need is medically necessary for you, with letters from your health care providers. If you are denied coverage or if your plan has an exclusion, you may also need to explain to your insurance company or employer why it is illegal discrimination to exclude medically necessary transition-related care. Use this guide to help you navigate the coverage process.
  • TLDEF’s Trans Health Project – The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund’s Trans Health Project aims to ensure that all transgender and non-binary people can access the trans-related health care that they need. This resource includes a trans health insurance tutorial, financial aid options for surgery, medical necessity letter checklists, and so much more.
  • Transbucket – A surgery outcomes resource for the trans community, offering photos and first-hand accounts shared by people who have undergone different medical procedures.
Abortion Care
  • Montana’s Statewide Abortion Fund – Please don’t postpone abortion care for financial reasons! Reach out to Montana Abortion Access Program, Montana’s statewide abortion fund, or to Blue Mountain Clinic directly to request assistance through our internal Access Fund.
  • The Guttmacher Institute – A leading research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) worldwide. 
  • How To: Self Managed Abortion – “Self-managed abortion with pills means obtaining and taking abortion pills outside of a medical setting. It most commonly refers to taking abortion medications at home with the help of telephone hotlines or online platforms. Self-managed abortion increases access to safe abortion care for vulnerable people and those who live far away from health care facilities. It also upholds people’s autonomy and supports them to make decisions about, and take the lead in, their own care.” Doctors Without Borders developed an accessible, comprehensive video series on how to self-manage your abortion with pills.
  • My Medication Abortion: Visual Resource – Reproductive Health Access Project developed a visual story following a person named Sam through the process of their medication abortion.
  • Free Workbooks: Pregnancy Options & Abortion Resolution Workbook 
  • Pregnancy Options Workbook The people who put together this book support you no matter what you choose. We have tried to give you a realistic picture of all the choices you can make–abortion, adoption, and being a parent. You will find exercises to help you make the best decision for you. 
  • Abortion Resolution Workbook If you feel like you need to heal emotionally or spiritually after an abortion, this workbook is a supportive resource.
  • All Options – If you are trying to make a decision about a current pregnancy, need support for a challenge with pregnancy or parenting, or want to talk about a past experience with abortion, adoption, or pregnancy loss, you’ve found the right place.
Local Healthcare Resources

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