Is This the Right Time for Mental Health Therapy?

Consistent with our philosophy of choice and personal empowerment, our mental health therapists are experienced and skilled in a wide range of issues. A therapist’s role is to assist you in finding the solutions to your life issues that fit you. There is no “cookie cutter” approach. The first question is whether this is the time for you to seek therapy.

Some cues that seeing a therapist could be helpful are:

  • finding yourself talking about the same problems over and over with friends
  • a recent major change or loss, the pain of which isn’t going away
  • reading about your ‘problem’ on the internet or in self-help books and not finding relief
  • feeling more troubled or stressed recently and not finding ways to alleviate these feelings
  • trying to make personal changes but not being successful
  • an over-riding concern about a behavior, thought or feeling that is getting worse or more intrusive
  • others are expressing concern for you
  • you feel like life has lost its zest and happiness

This is not a checklist, but mere signs that it may be time to ask for help with your mental health.


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