The Heart of Family Practice

By Annie Hansen

I remember going to see our family doctor when I was growing up in rural Maine. All five kids would pile into the twelve passenger van and head to Dr. Dow’s office.  The Doc would ask my Mom how the farm was, how my Dad was and how the football team was doing.  In the office we would talk……about all kinds of things, not just a quick blood pressure check and a listen to the heart. Careful care was taken with each of us; girls, boys, toddlers, Mom and lastly, Dad, when my Mom could convince him to go.  It was truly family medicine at its core. These days the average face time with a doctor is 7 minutes.   As the landscape of family practice care continues to dissolve into the corporate world, we have moved away from a personal relationship with the person we entrust with our healthcare needs.  The corporate driven movement to provide care on a quantity based perspective leaves genuine quality care receding and face to face time... Read More

I am NOT a Victim: achieving success against all odds

By adminmain

It wasn’t always bad. I have a lot of great memories from when I was a small child. I am very polite and read well because a parent taught me these valuable skills. And, I do not hold resentment towards the person who did this stuff to me. Both of my parents contributed to the harm caused to me. Yet, I honestly feel they did the best they could with the limited resources they possessed. I was born into a family that had the best of intentions—yet no means to deliver those intentions. We were poor, there were struggles with mental illness and alcoholism and my parents did not really love each other. One of my parents did not come from a stable family that would have demonstrated what good parent would look like. In an alcoholic household we experienced violence, child abuse and a lot of yelling. I had to answer the questions at school about why there were bruises on my face and neck, why chunks of hair were missing from my head... Read More