Family Practice Model

In many medical environments, reproductive health care and abortion exist separately from primary or family practice care. At Blue Mountain Clinic, we understand that reproductive care and abortion are PART of family practice care, and must be normalized within the continuum of mainstream care.

In other words, or in the words of Dr. Banks, “You can’t take care of families without taking care of women, and you can’t take care of women without addressing holistically, their reproductive lives.”

Our Theory of Care: Organically grown by local feminist thought

IMG_7223Blue Mountain Clinic’s theoretical vision of care has evolved slowly over the past 38 years, yet at its core, the clinic remains the same. We continue to be guided by our founding feminist principles of “providing dignity and choices in healthcare”. Through the work and vision of the many passionate (and cutting edge) men and women who have built Blue Mountain Clinic, our services have continued to expand in order to better serve our patients.

In 1977, Blue Mountain Clinic was created out of a need for local patient-centered reproductive health care with feminist values. In the early 1990s, BMC expanded services to include primary care.  Today we treat women, men and children of all ages for a full spectrum of care and place importance on respect for patient decisions.


Commitment to Economic Justice

We work to provide general medical care at a reasonable cost- and we do NOT cap the number of Medicaid/ Medicare patients we serve.

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