Blue Mountain Clinic provides patient-centered, family practice and primary care services to the local community through a choice based perspective. We believe that choices in any health care decision should be met with dignity in a supportive environment. Blue Mountain Clinic strives to provide feminist based approaches to health care, education, and advocacy in the region. Essential activities to fulfill this mission require visible advocacy on the local level to improve policies that have a negative impact on patient’s economic and political access to health care.







To provide individualized, choice-based healthcare that respects the power of personal connection.


To provide healthcare in an environment that is free from judgment and where individual voices are heard and respected.

Blue Mountain Clinic- Voted “Best of Missoula“- by Missoula– since 2007!

  • BEST CLINIC: 2007-2018
  • BEST DOCTOR: Dr. Ravitz, 2007-2018


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