We have had the honor of helping to shape and guide the social and physical growth of the Missoula community for over 40 years.

You have helped us reflect on our own story, transforming from a women’s-only clinic, to a respected and highly-regarded FULL FAMILY PRACTICE. We have and will continue to be the doors in which all people can enter knowing they will receive the kind of choice-based, judgement-free healthcare that truly respects personal freedom.

OUR story wouldn’t exist without YOUR story and we are asking you to share it with us.  Whether it was for your yearly check-up, reproductive care, mental health or trans care, your story has helped us reflect on our own identity, transforming from a women’s-only clinic to a full family practice.

Please share your story with us.

You can use the prompts below or just tell us what you want!




We are honored to have been a part of so many people’s lives through medicine, education, and advocacy since 1977. As we witness diminishing access to personalized primary, and reproductive care, our patient numbers continue to grow.  Blue Mountain Clinic is called upon daily by those who need care for their families at an ever-increasing rate. We understand that in order to remain true to our mission it is more important than ever that we continue to find creative solutions that accommodate this ever-increasing need. We cannot put into words the gratitude that we have for the continued support we receive from our community and we hope you will continue to stand in solidarity with us as we move through the next phase of our organization’s evolution!
Blue Mountain Clinic