Blue Mountain Clinic is pleased to announce that Dr. Blau is now offering Suboxone therapy for new and existing patients with opiate use disorders. Dr. Blau learned about Suboxone in residency and strongly feels that this effective treatment should be widely available for anybody who wishes to stop using opiates.

Mia, Dr. Blau’s medical assistant, is excited about providing compassionate care to people with opiate use disorders. She will be organizing patient intakes and recovery resources, and assisting patients during their office-based inductions.

We will be referring our Suboxone patients to Stepping Stones, and to other local Licensed Addiction Counselors, for individual and group substance use counseling. For patients that need or want some extra support, our in-house counselor, Vasa Parsons LCSW, is available for short term, solutions-focused therapy.

Space in our program is limited, so please call us for an initial consultation as soon as you are ready to get help. We look forward to meeting you.