Transgender Health Care

For over ten years, Blue Mountain Clinic has provided hormonal therapy, general practice care and mental health care to the local transgender community. The doctors and staff at Blue Mountain Clinic are ready to walk with patients through all medical decisions — this means listening to each individual’s needs.


What you CAN expect from your BMC visit:

  • Compassionate, kind and judgement-free staff
  • Doctors and medical staff who will listen to you and address all your concerns
  • A LGBTIQ mainstreamed environment
  • Respect for your preferred name & pronoun

For more information on our transgender health care call: (406)721-1646

Transgender Advocacy and Access to Medical Doctors: The Gender Expansion Project

As the medical field grows, more options and treatments are available to transgender individuals; however, doctors in Montana who do treat transgender individuals often do not have the educational resources to take their practice to the next level.

The Gender Expansion Project (GEP) is working to expand transgender healthcare across the rural northwest and are formalizing transgender rights activism in Montana and beyond. Part of GEP will be a bi-annual transgender health conference, the Gender Expansion Conference. Specialists will come to Missoula to offer training and credentials to any interested parties in the medical, mental health, legal, or advocacy fields.


Are you questioning your gender, looking for more resources in your community or perhaps considering transition? 

The Gender Expansion Project has teamed up with Blue Mountain Clinic to provide a wealth of transgender specific resources and information for across the state of Montana and beyond.


Looking for a specific resource? 

The Gender Expansion Project’s Referral Network Team works with transgender and trans questioning individuals to locate specific resources across the nation. Our team works tirelessly to better serve the transgender community of the rural northwest. Referral inquiries generally take up to 1 week for the team to respond.

For more information about the GEP Referral Network, click HERE


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