Together we RAISED THE ROOF!

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We dedicated time to listening to our board, staff, supporters, and community partners.

The overwhelming message was clear: we must expand our space and hire another clinician in order to continue fulfilling the core of our mission.

We are calling upon our community in hopes you will join us in building the legacy of Blue Mountain Clinic’s choice-based, non-judgmental healthcare.

Your gift will ensure our unique model of care is available for current and future generations.

Did you know?

We are the only 501(c)(3) clinic of its kind where one can receive a full spectrum of family medicine, mental health counseling, reproductive and transgender care all under one roof, without receiving any government grants or designations.

Why Now?

Over the last 5 years, we have experienced an increased demand of our services due to the closure of a local family practice clinic, the retirement of several family medicine clinicians, the closure of two abortion clinics, and the expansion of Medicaid in Montana.  Our family, reproductive, and transgender care patient numbers have increased between 20% and 50%. Historically, this type of increased demand subsides, but not this time.

Given the unique, comprehensive care that we give, alongside the current need, not just in Montana, but nationally, these numbers will only continue to rise.

We conducted an informal statewide survey of primary care practices in Montana.  The results revealed we are one of the only clinics in the state:

  • Offering comprehensive transgender care including; family medicine, hormone replacement, mental health counseling, and support and advocacy for gender-confirming surgery.
  • NOT limiting the amount of Medicaid patients we see.
  • That continues to serve our growing Medicare population.  Even locally, we see clients who unexpectedly find themselves discharged from their primary care physician solely because they have termed onto Medicare.

Patients wait times:

  • Non-urgent patient visits are booking out 3-5 weeks
  • New patient visits are booking out 6-9 weeks
  • We receive 35+ new patient request calls every week

Access is at the core of our mission.
It is unacceptable that our current space constraints are creating a barrier to proactive healthcare.

Our expansion plans included:


A reconfiguration of the main level including 3 new exam rooms and expanded waiting area.


A second-floor of 1100 square feet where our administrative offices and conference room reside.


An expansion of our in-house lab for timely and accurate analysis.


An upgraded HVAC system to ensure patient comfort and building safety.