Together we RAISED THE ROOF!

Thank You!

Our hearts our full!  We are humbled by the overwhelming love and support our community and beyond has shown throughout our efforts to expand our space.  With the help of over 600 individuals and private foundations we were able to reach our goal of $1,270,000 allowing us to expand our current space and reconfigure our main level to accommodate for 3 additional exam rooms in addition to an expanded lab and waiting area.

We reopened our doors to patients on January 14thand couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  Patients are thrilled with the new layout as well as our freshly painted walls and new flooring.  In addition, after several months of not be able to take on new patients, we are finally accepting applications from those wishing to establish care with us. It feels so good to again be meeting the very core of our mission; Access to healthcare.


Did you know?

We are the only 501(c)(3) clinic of its kind where one can receive a full spectrum of family medicine, mental health counseling, reproductive and transgender care all under one roof, without receiving any government grants or designations.

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We dedicated time to listening to our board, staff, supporters, and community partners.


The overwhelming message was clear: we must expand our space and hire another clinician in order to continue fulfilling the core of our mission.

Our expansion plans included:


A reconfiguration of the main level including 3 new exam rooms and expanded waiting area.


A second-floor of 1100 square feet where our administrative offices and conference room reside.


An expansion of our in-house lab for timely and accurate analysis.


An upgraded HVAC system to ensure patient comfort and building safety.

Thank You!