Scheduling Tips

Number of Concerns/Multiple Appointments

Please let our front office staff know what you need to see the clinician for so that they can schedule the right amount of time for your appointment. Understand that you may need multiple appointments if you have a long list of concerns. Avoid scheduling a shorter appointment with one or two concerns, when the intention is really to address several issues. We call those “Oh, by the way” appointments. They can throw off the clinician’s schedule but, more importantly, you may end up not getting the time you need to have all of your concerns addressed. This is what is most important to us here at Blue Mountain Clinic, as we believe in as much face time with our clinicians so you can be sure and fully participate in your care.

Special Needs

When scheduling, let us know if you have any special needs. This includes wheelchair access, or, if you are hearing impaired and need an interpreter, our office will need time to arrange for an interpreter.

Office Policies

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with Blue Mountain Clinic’s office policies.

  1. If you miss your scheduled appointment you may be charged a no show fee, or we may not be able to schedule you for future appointments. We are a small and busy family medicine clinic, and every appointment slot counts.
  2. Please plan ahead when requesting refills, as we require 24 hours for prescription refills. Refills are only granted during normal business hours.
  3. We do not grant early refills of medications.
  4. We are happy to write you an excuse note for work or school if your appointment interferes with either of these schedules.
  5. While we are not a “walk-in” clinic, we can often accommodate same day sick visits for our established patients.
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