PUBLIC STATEMENT: BMC condemns anti-choice vandalism in Kalispell


Blue Mountain Clinic Family Practice is deeply saddened by acts of vandalism committed against All Families Healthcare on the night of Monday March 3, 2014.

 While the investigation is still on-going and the motivation behind this reprehensible attack is still unknown, abortion providers are often targets of domestic terrorism coordinated by the anti-choice movement. Blue Mountain Clinic is confident the police investigation will uncover the persons responsible for this hateful transgression and that the authorities will respond appropriately to ensure acts of terrorism are not tolerated.

Susan Cahill’s dedication to women and their families may be vilified by portions of our population, but it is through the strength of our Movement and the bravery of our nurses, providers, and staff that Montana women are able to access safe & legal abortion services.

Blue Mountain Clinic and the Pro-Choice Movement in Montana will not be intimidated by threats or acts of violence, and these acts of violence in Kalispell serve only to make us more committed to our work—protecting individual agency and choices in healthcare.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Kalispell community, and the Blue Mountain Clinic Family extends our unwavering support to All Families Healthcare during this time. Continued courage displayed by the staff at All Families Healthcare serves as a reminder of not only the resilience of the reproductive justice movement, but our refusal to back down in the face of anti-choice terrorism, violence and vandalism.

For more information contact: Blue Mountain Clinic 406.721.1646