BMC is Excited to Announce…..EHR!!!

Blue Mountain Clinic proudly announces the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR)! On February 22nd, we will “go live”, so let’s take a moment to talk about what this means for you, our cherished patients.

Unconditional Care: Our priority is you! We have chosen to implement EHR to better care for you, get referrals and phone calls done in a more timely manner, and of course, go green and save on paper!

Appointments:  Until we get used to our new system, things will slow down for us. Please understand that in order to continue to provide unconditional care to you, we will be asking that you check in earlier than normal, and your appointment times will be a bit longer. Because of this, if you are unable to make your appointment we ask that you let us know ASAP so we can fill that spot. We WILL be implementing a “wait list” to ensure those that are waiting for appointments get in sooner rather than later.

We will resume taking on new patients April 1st, so stand by.

Prescription refills: During our first couple of weeks, please feel free to call the clinic at any time if you feel that we may have missed your refill. Remember, we still need at least 24 hours to refill those medications, but we won’t fully know what hiccups will occur until we are actually doing it.

Billing information: Our EHR company is Athena. They will be sending out our billing statements for us, so if you see something come from Blue Mountain Clinic with an address from Maine-it is legitimate. Rest assured, nothing will go out from Athena until we have reviewed it in or office. You can pay your bills online using our patient portal as well.