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enTRUST YOUth – Youth Advisory Board

DUE FRIDAY MAY 19!Are you between the ages of 13-19 and interested in improving sex ed in your community?! Blue Mountain Clinic is looking for teens to join our Youth Advisory Board! This is an awesome opportunity to:

  • Gain leadership and volunteer experience!
  • Build organizing, team-building, and critical thinking skills!
  • Learn about social justice, LGBTQ* rights, and reproductive health!
  • Make a difference for your generation!
  • Use your tech and social media expertise!
  • Share sex ed feedback and insight with the BMC Health education team and other teens!
To apply:
*Get permission from your parent or guardian (consent form below, please complete and return to clinic via email, fax, mail or drop-off).
*Apply right here OR
*Pick up an application at Blue Mountain Clinic (located at 610 N California).
*Submit your application by May 19th!

Parental Consent for Youth Advisory Board Applicants

Youth Advisory Board Job Description

Youth Advisory Board Application




For many years, Blue Mountain Clinic has provided, at the request of local educators, sex education and abortion awareness presentations to schools. We specifically tailor each of our lessons to the needs of its students.

Some of our Curriculum:

  • Contraceptives: How they work and where they are accessible
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): How STIs are contracted, how they can be prevented, how to access treatment, and what to do if one believes they are at risk of STIs.
  • Healthy Sexuality: This focuses on consent, self esteem, and understanding gender fluidity. This curriculum discusses contraceptives and STIs within the context of understanding one’s self, understanding consent, and making positive individual choices.
  • Abortion: A straightforward and conversational approach to the subject, focusing on the political landscape, a global history of abortion, demystifying the procedure through simple explanation and more. (NOTE: Presenters easily approach the topic from the needs of the educator.)

To book Blue Mountain Clinic for a class presentation call us: (406)721-1646 or email: education@bluemountainclinic.org


In the last year Blue Mountain Clinic has formed a Youth Advisory Board to help us create an online tutorial program for people working with youth. This program will include sections on all the above, plus bystander intervention, mental health, online bullying and sexting, consent, and more! This program will launch in the Spring/Summerof 2017. Sign up now to get access as soon as it’s live!







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