Political Participation

As part of our mission, Blue Mountain Clinic is committed to advocating for policies that promote reproductive and primary care health access. To achieve this goal, Blue Mountain Clinic works closely with allies to fight against policies that chip away at reproductive and equality rights issues.

Blue Mountain Clinic participates in the following:

  • Montana Women Vote (MWV): As a steering committee member BMC works with MWV to address policies that economically impact women and works to empower female voters. 
  • Feminist Abortion Network: This organization supports the efforts of independent, feminist health centers like Blue Mountain Clinic.



During the Montana Legislative Season, Blue Mountain Clinic participates in the Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition (MRRC), which serves as a catalyst for identifying threats to reproductive rights, and provides the resources to articulate the values of the pro-choice vision. The coalition works to galvanize Montanans around a pro-choice agenda and, by continuing to expand and solidify our relationships, strengthen our grassroots base and prepare growing numbers of individuals to take action to protect reproductive rights.

Active members of the MRRC are as follows:

To make your voice heard through Blue Mountain Clinic’s political platform, tell us your story: info@bluemountainclinic.org

Medicaid Expansion in Montana!

Expanding Montana Medicaid will help MANY of Blue Mountain Clinic’s patients access health insurance.

So, does ‘Medicaid Expansion’ even mean?

  • The federal government has delegated money for individual states’ Medicaid Programs–so while Medicaid expansion will increase affordable insurance coverage to 60,000 Montanans, it won’t cost OUR state a cent–but if we don’t accept the federal funds, they’ll be spent elsewhere, like New Jersey or California. Montanans pay their fair share of federal taxes, so why should we miss out?
  • Expanding Medicaid will give hard-working individuals who still can’t afford health insurance the coverage they need, especially single parents. (New income guidelines would qualify anyone making $27,000 or less for a family of 3)
  • Medicaid Expansion would extend coverage to 10,000 currently uninsured Veterans and their families.

Help us expand Medicaid by telling Blue Mountain Clinic why affordable health care is important to YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

email: info@bluemountainclinic.org

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