“She didn’t worry about whether you had the skills or knowledge, if you wanted to work on a project; she assumed you could do the task. She was willing to start things and learn on the way. She didn’t wait to make sure she had the credentials or ask for permission before she took on an issue.” -Terry Kendrick on BMC Founding Mother, Judy Smith.

Blue Mountain Clinic is dedicated to creating an inclusive, unified, statewide Movement and seeks innovative self-starters to help us enact widespread cultural change.



Help Blue Mountain Clinic expand Medicaid in Montana!

Tell us why affordable health care is important for YOU and YOUR FAMILY Send your story, thoughts, and opinions to:


Crisis Pregnancy Centers like CareNet of Missoula lie to women about their options for preventing pregnancy and ARE NOT the legitimate medical centers they appear to be…

Check out NARAL Pro-Choice Montana’s report on Crisis Pregnancy Centers statewide, and hear what the Missoula Independent has to say about CareNet of Missoula.

“The final count of functioning CPCs in the state was 20—five times the number of legitimate abortion providers.”

89 percent of CPCs in Montana present inaccurate information about birth control and other contraceptives. Examples of this include saying birth control is the same thing as abortion, condoms are not effective at preventing pregnancy or STIs, and that birth control leads to breast and cervical cancer.”

Justice for Individuals with Intersex Conditions

1 in every 2,000 people will be born with an intersex condition. Help us rid Montana of infant genital mutilation.



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