The Abortion Monologues

“It seems to me that the voices of REAL women have been actually left out of the political debate. The women who have abortions are everyone around us — they are our mothers, daughters, our sisters, our friends and colleagues”

-Blue Mountain Clinic, Blue Mountain Clinic’s Director of Development, Outreach and Communications, Missoula performance of “The Abortion Monologues


The Performance

“The Abortion Monologues” by Jane Cawthorne is a collection of 23 stories exploring the complex circumstances and experiences of women who have chosen abortion was performed on November 1st, 2012 at the Missoula Winery.

In an attempt to pull women’s voices out of the polarized rhetoric surrounding the “abortion debate” and reveal the shared experience of women who have chosen abortion, “The Abortion Monologues” performance in Missoula was intended to bring the community together in support of women’s reproductive health choices.

The performances by local women and students were powerful and left a lasting impression on our audience:

Want to see more? Check out more exclusive excerpts from the Missoula production of The Abortion Monologues on YouTube!

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